Woodbridge Liquidation Trust announces 4th distribution payment of 2020

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by Greg W. Anderson of ‘Lessons Learned from The Woodbridge Scam

November 20, 2020 — Investors scammed in the Woodbridge Group Ponzi real estate scheme received their fourth distribution payment of 2020 this week from the trustees handling the firm’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Rehabilitation Trust, Woodbridge Liquidation Trust. This is the sixth distribution overall. This latest payment along with three others made in 2020 represent about 30% of the principal investors lost to date.

Recap: The Woodbridge Ponzi Scheme

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2017 brought charges against Los Angeles-based luxury real estate developer Woodbridge Group of Companies LLC and its former owner and CEO Robert E. Shapiro for operating a $1.2 billion…

Joseph Koza shares his background and more about the vet assistant profession

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Joseph T. Koza — Official Internet Site
Wauconda, Illinois,

Joey Koza, 35, attended the College of Agricultural, Industrial, and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign after completing his high school education in Illinois. In 2009 he graduated from the university with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences, an educational institution renowned for its comprehensive pre-veterinary undergraduate and veterinary graduate programs.

Koza was involved in intramural sports as well as in the Greek community at the school while at the University of Illinois. Joe served as Sports Chairman and Chaplain for the fraternity Alpha Gamma Sigma.

Veterinary Engineer…

Billionaire heir Julio Santo Domingo convinced his Ivy League educated partner Hervé Larren to form and run a joint venture in order to secure lucrative deals. These deals included the Okeechobee Music Festival, their record label as well as technology and real estate investments. Once the transactions were safely secured, Santo Domingo called their bank to attempt to take control of the companies in order to reap the financial upside while proving to his family his business acumen.

Once Mr. Larren was informed by their mutual banker that Mr. Santo Domingo attempted to remove him, he offered to sell his…

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Multinational corporation Honeywell International Inc. has partnered with Siegel’s Corporate Gifts & Promotions to produce a range of branded corporate gifts. Honeywell is best known for its consumer home control systems, including its iconic thermostats, commercial systems, and smart control solutions for residential and commercial applications. The Fortune 100 company also has a robust aerospace division, supplying products for commercial airliners and defense systems.

Siegel’s Corporate Gifts is an instrumental partner to Honeywell and to companies around the world. Offering unrivaled service and selection for over a century, Siegel’s is an industry leader in corporate gifts, promotional merchandise, and branded…

Tips and tricks from the top minds in the industrial powder coating industry

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What are the most modern, efficient powder coating practices to consider in 2019 and beyond?

Achieving a perfect finish free of pinholes and contamination is possible, provided the powder coating company follows guidelines and best practices. Today, we’ll answer a few more questions about the process, including tips on choosing the right finishes for specific applications.

What is the Best Product for Creating a UV-resistant Finish?

There are many different formulations of the raw powdered pigments used in powder coating. Different resins, such as polyesters, urethanes, and acrylics, are incorporated into the powder to achieve specific finishes. For coated items that must withstand environmental exposure of sun, moisture, and wind…

Not for the weak of heart.

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In the world of business startups and entrepreneurial efforts, having a great business idea is simply not enough to ensure success. Smart entrepreneurs know that having a mentor to learn from can spell the difference between success and failure. Not everyone has access to an in-person business mentor, however, but entrepreneurs can still learn from others.

He has achieved high levels of success by studying the actions and thoughts of some of today’s most accomplished business leaders. Here are some tips gleaned from leading business minds, helping young entrepreneurs to achieve success in their own business ventures.

Tip #1: Create and Conquer Challenges

Business leader Richard…

2004 experienced the launch from Edens Ethnos, a leading online distributor of kratom, the all-natural plant product honed off the Mitragyna speciosa tree belonging to Southeast Asia. Connected to coffee vegetation, kratom promotions herbal users both stimulant as well as residential tranquilizer properties, and has presented an option in alleviating many significant health conditions. In just a handful of brief years, Edens Ethnos has placed itself on top of the local kratom field. This achievement remains in no small part due to Sebastian’s devotion to delivering the fantastic products to as many in need as possible. …

Current research studies are revealing that taking some time for silence brings back the nerve system, assists sustain energy, and conditions our minds to be more responsive and adaptive to the complex environments where numerous people now live, work, and lead.

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Duke Medical School’s Imke Kirste just recently discovered that silence is connected with the advancement of brand-new cells in the hippocampus, the crucial brain area related to knowing and memory. Doctor Luciano Bernardi discovered that two-minutes of silence placed in between musical pieces showed more supporting to breathing and cardiovascular systems than even the music classified as “relaxing.” …

Useful information on Mitragyna speciosa, more commonly known as Kratom

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Red Dragon Kratom Powder

There is much confusion and misinformation about kratom, both in public understanding and in news articles circulating across the Web. The goal of this introductory user’s guide is to provide a basic educational resource, helping to correct some of the incorrect information available on this natural substance. This is not meant to be an exhaustive guide; rather, it will introduce what kratom is, what it does, and how it can be used.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a substance produced from the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa, a tree closely related to the coffee plant. M. speciosa is a native of Southeast Asia…

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A business leader is someone who is successfully able to make money through organization. In Washington, there are tons opportunities for business people to create and make high profits from company ideas. In the looking of excellent opportunities, business people can quickly make miscalculations — errors made by other entrepreneurs prior to them.

Here, we will provide a great deal of advice to assist you bypass the repetition of the very same mistakes made by others and help you grow service.

1. Choose the low-hanging fruit.

Often intuitively, you believe the larger the organisation, the better. By pursuing a bigger…

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